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work in progress... stay tuned. We are working hard on our upcoming album #trnsit wich will hit earth around summer 2018.

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voyage. (the story so far)

towards stars | towards dreams | never aware of where we might get |

how far we may come | how long it may take | and although we altogether got lost in one way galaxies | we were eventually saved | by luck | by those additional torsion springs which held what they promised | which held the boom that held our eyes that found the way out | we took the road not taken | wrote down our tale | and finally got here | and behold


.the other side.

the stern flag is waving in the air

we're rowing our boat | we're well aware

of what was and is an will be

.constant motion.

.still locked on to the sun and canopus.

this seems to be the second part of our .voyage

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